Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency – Initial thoughts on an exciting new chapter

Everyone I have spoken with this week is buzzing about Libra. My parents are in Dublin, Ireland on a college-sponsored trip and I received a text from my Mom on Wednesday asking what I thought about Libra! Clearly there’s hope for payments experts like me that our families may yet figure out what we do for a living.


If you are just coming up to speed on the news – like the rest of us, since details remain fairly scarce – here are a few basics.


Point 1: Libra is the name of Facebook’s planned digital currency. Designed ...

Global Payments/TSYS Deal Completes FinTech Trifecta

They say big events happen in threes. If that’s the case, are we due for a breather?


Global Payments’ $21.5 billion acquisition of TSYS announced last week marked the payments space’s third major consolidation in the in the first half of 2019. In January Fiserv upended the status quo with its similarly sized acquisition of First Data. FIS followed suit in March with an even larger transaction, absorbing Worldpay. All three deals are subject to regulatory approval, and are targeting closure later this calendar year.


Both Global Payments and TSYS are headquartered in Georgia, as is First Data. ...


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